About Us

Hello everyone,

My name is Sebastian Rodriguez and the reason I created this website is basically to give people around the world, who are thinking about moving to the island, the opportunity to take a tour of this paradise spot in the Dominican Republic by providing video tours and information of properties, beaches, schools, town, restaurants, shops and everything else you want to know.

My intention is to make you feel that you are walking these places with me or that you are asking questions to the principal of the school to find out is that school is the right one for your kids. I will take you also to all the amazing beaches, lakes, waterfalls, caves and secret spots that even locals don’t know. I will even take you dance in the town’s main square.

I know that sometimes it is hard to make a decision about moving to a foreign country or making an investment.  I also know that with my help and experience it will be much easier.

 My family and I went through the whole process about 20 years ago when this town wasn’t even on the map and after living in this town for that long we acquired the knowledge necessary that I will gladly pass it on to you, for example: good mechanic, good restaurants, good schools, good electrician, good cleaning lady and everything else.

My family and I have the oldest Real Estate agency in this area (drcoastalproperties.com) and we have the best reputation in this business. Feel free to go in town and ask around about “The Argentines” since we are the only ones, everybody will know who you are talking about.

 We are a family from Argentina who lived in the USA for many years and like you we decided to leave the stressful life and move to paradise and thank God we did it!!

I also worked as a Realtor in the state of Florida Lic# SL 0694980.

I hope you enjoy the website!!